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About Us

Get to know “Lt. Dan” and the story of OPAAT.

Dan’s story is an incredible journey of grace and courage. If you’ve met Dan before then you’ve seen the infectious smile and true contentment that rests gently with him wherever he goes. But as some also know, this hasn’t always been the case. There have been many days where the voices of fear, shame, depression, and anxiety have made it hard to smile and trust others. The years of sexual abuse, PTSD from time served in the military, battling years of painful addictions, and struggling to ever have any real peace eventually lead to believing this life just wasn’t worth living anymore. After multiple failed suicide attempts, Lt. Dan was invited to go on a weekend ride with friends that would inevitably change the course of his life forever. It was on this ride that Dan was invited to take things “one pedal at a time” and slowly began to learn the hidden wisdom of simplicity.

Dan returned from this trip determined and a dream was born. Cycling had proven to be so transformational that he decided to sell everything he had and get a bike and gear to begin a journey around the country visiting fellow veterans who he had served with in the Navy. As the trip began, it became obvious that this was meant to be even more than just a trip to visit friends. There was a deep passion to share this gift of cycling with others and the OPAAT Movement has begun! Now after 20+ states and thousands of miles later, you’re invited to be a part of this journey and learn to take life One Pedal At A time.

There are many ways you can help!

  • Share the story and get others involved

  • Get out and ride, challenge and push yourself

  • Pay attention to others struggling with suicidal thoughts and learn how to help

  • Support OPAAT through financial contributions and sponsorships

  • And many more ways coming soon!